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Characteristics of Blood type

Personality is different by blood type!

Characteristics of Blood type B

Hates restrictions, does things at his/her own pace
  • Independent, does not rely on others
  • Selfish, acts based on biased idea, egoistical
Unconventional behavior
  • Frank, casual
  • Rude, out of line, overbearing, neglectful
Unconventional thinking
  • Flexible thinking, has a wide perspective, creative
  • Disjointed, irresponsible, changeable, inconsistent
Bashful, cannot be honest
  • Good-natured, innocent, approachable, interesting
  • Unfriendly, cynical, perverse
  • Open, friendly, approachable, warm-hearted
  • Careless, rude, arrogant
Does things at his/her own pace
  • Laid-back, big-hearted, follows his/her own path
  • Shameless, insensitive, slow on the uptake
Does not mind tradition or rules
  • Creative, inventive, has a rebellious mind, tactful
  • Lacks common sense, disturbs order, presumptuous
Has ability to take action quickly
  • Decisive, person of action, full of energy, dedicated
  • Not careful, hasty, fidgety
Places weight on correctness when making judgements
  • Highly objective, unbiased, careful
  • Waffling, indecisive, noncommittal
Practical and concrete way of thinking
  • Develops a realistic plan, scientific, even-tempered
  • Has no sense of adventure, lacks faith or conviction
Can concentrate well on a wide range of interests
  • Dedicated, hardworking, perseverant
  • Does things just for amusement, capricious, “jack-of-all-trades and master of none”, often strays from the path
Somewhat mired in the past
  • Obsessive, reflects on himself/herself, learns from experience
  • Regrets the past, indecisive, querulous
  • Positive, has a frontier spirit, youthful
  • Naive, self-righteous, careless
  • Sensitive, humane, honest
  • Moody, hot-tempered, nervous
Can immediately move on
  • Frank, straightforward, keeps their nerve
  • Silly, easily deceived, doesn’t learn from experience
Not family oriented
  • Finds motivation in his/her work or social activities, brave
  • Lacks responsibility for family
Does only things he/she is interested in
  • Seeks the truth, doesn’t pursue fame or wealth, doesn’t care what people say about him/her
  • Lacks sociability, lacks ambition

Characteristics of Blood type O

Goal oriented
  • A person of action, an able person, a go-getter, strong-willed
  • Pushy, capricious, inconsistent at work, does anything to meet his/her goal
Has strong desires
  • Passionate, affectionate, impulsive, aggressive
  • Greedy, possessive, monopolistic, selfish
Sensitive to power relationship
  • Ambitious, enterprising, faithful
  • Greedy for power, careerist, subservient
Willing to take chances
  • Very courageous, hates to lose, unabashed, decisive
  • Overly competitive, not a team player, not dogged
Hates interference
  • Independent-minded, autonomous, has an indomitable spirit, has great self-respect
  • Bellicose, rebellious, twisted, bullheaded
  • Has a dream, pursues an ideal, poetic, has great sensibility
  • Childish, unreliable, shallow
Down-to-earth (with respect to decisions and action)
  • Practical, has a firm character, has excellent survival skills, has a wide perspective
  • Calculating, wily, often uses money as a weapon
  • Open nature, generous, intuitive
  • Simple, not detail-oriented, assertive
Cherishes relationships with others
  • Warm-hearted, caring, sets a high value on friendship, family-minded
  • Eager to create cliques, nepotistic, shows favoritism
Open to physical contact
  • Has a human touch, friendly, open
  • Overly familiar, persistent, loves interfering
Wary of people other than his/her friends
  • Cautious, nobody’s fool, discreet
  • Shows favoritism, excessively self-protective, nervous
Likes things and ideas that are distinctive
  • Respects individuality, rich in originality, follows his/her own path
  • Eccentric, crazy, has strong likes and dislikes
  • Expressive, cheerful and open, has his/her own opinion, shows leadership
  • Forward, self-promoting, says one word too many
A wordsmith
  • Logical, persuasive, communicates clearly
  • Glib, argumentative, says one thing and does another
  • Holds to convictions, takes clear-cut action, not sneaky
  • Assertive, pushy, works like a slave
Does not harbor grudges
  • Candid, generous-hearted, broad-minded, unwavering
  • Irresponsible, insensitive to others’ feelings
Socially aware
  • Politically aware, places importance on relationships with others
  • Has strong likes and dislikes about individuals, too political

Characteristics of Blood type A

Cares for others
  • Attentive, thoughtful, is hospitable
  • Cares too much what other people think, nervous, timid
Wants peaceful relationships with others
  • Genial, shows respect for others, sociable
  • Noncommittal, everybody’s friend, hypocritical
  • Nobody’s fool, sees through people, independent
  • Does not trust others, a doubter, shallow
Respects rules and tradition
  • Has a sense of public morality, earnest, keeps within bounds
  • Legalistic, lacks independence and a judicial mind
Respects order
  • Polite, places importance on teamwork
  • Can be discriminatory, superficial
Behavior and expression are restrained
  • Temperate, courteous, unassuming
  • Hides his/her real thoughts, secretive, distant
Often has a conventional view
  • Common sense person, down-to-earth, mindful, wise and mature
  • Lacks flexibility, bigoted, jumps to conclusions, narrow minded
Has a black-and-white way of thinking Rational, clear-cut, strict
  • Subjective, argumentative, bigoted
  • Pessimistic about the future
Pessimistic about the future
  • Conservative, attentive, prudent, cautious
  • Negative, lacks confidence, worrisome
Tries not to regret the past
  • Practical-minded, straightforward
  • Doesn’t reflect, hides his/her weaknesses, arrogant
  • Does careful work, has a sense of responsibility, persevering, very courageous
  • Fussy, wordy, defensive
Makes a consistent effort, remains patient
  • Hardy, hard worker, self-disciplined, very courageous
  • Defensive, passive
Not interested in maintaining the status quo/resists idleness
  • Person of action, ambitious, hard worker, diligent
  • Short-tempered, timid, frustrated easily
Easily distracted
  • Not persistent, not overly attached to anything, moderate
  • Capricious, inconsistent, never sticks to anything
Cannot change moods easily
  • Hates to lose, sensitive, persistent, has self-respect
  • Implacable, obstinate, vengeful
Always wants to change him/herself
  • Consistently improves, uncompromising, pursues his/her own ideals
  • Querulous, worrisome
Wants to be helpful
  • Has high sense of responsibility, moral sense or spirit of self-sacrifice
  • Dogmatic, naïve, pursues his/her own interests

Characteristics of Blood type AB

  • Rational, intellectual, does precise analysis, on the ball
  • Unsentimental, businesslike, cold-hearted, doesn’t respect traditional morality
Is good at/likes analysis and criticism
  • Sharp, cool, brilliant
  • Is critical, sarcastic, hurts other’s feelings
Loves social participation and contribution
  • Sincere, feels a responsibility to society, has a great interest in volunteering for community service
  • Outspoken, lacks modesty, overly ambitious
  • Tactful, efficient in business, fair
  • Unprincipled, calculating, distant
Wants to establish cooperative relations with others
  • Cannot say “No” when asked a favor, genial, accommodating
  • Easily influenced by others influence, lacks initiative
Asks opinions before making decisions about important issues
  • Prudent, democratic, places importance on a legitimate reason
  • Indecisive, doesn’t want to take responsibility, not reliable
Can control emotions in public
  • Calm, genial, has a consistent attitude
  • Businesslike, monotonous, impersonal, not easily impressed
Becomes emotional in personal life
  • Passionate, sensitive, doesn’t lie to him/herself
  • Capricious, easily upset, two-faced, self-centered
Keep a distance from others
  • Cool, fair, not very interested in forming factions
  • Cold, hides true feelings, doesn’t have a sense of fellowship
Hates hypocrites
  • Has a strong sense of justice and morality, clear-eyed
  • Has very strong likes and dislikes, lacks tolerance and a broad-mind
Concentrates well but cannot sustain level
  • Efficient, quickly understands important matters
  • Lacks courage, tires of things easily, doesn’t tie up loose ends
Has diversified viewpoints
  • Is good at diverse operations, has ability of make plans, thinks expansively
  • Makes excuses, doesn’t reflect
  • Fanciful, easily impressed, sentimental
  • Childish, shallow, unrealistic
  • Cool, has a self-control, has diverse interests
  • Lacks passion, shallow, not hard working
  • Has management skills, has earning power, responsible about household economy
  • Calculating, stingy, doesn’t pay much attention to formalities
Wants a stable minimalist life
  • Down-to-earth, watchful, unselfish, not greedy
  • Gives too much priority to his/her own time, has no sense of adventure, individualistic
Avoids power struggles
  • Amicable, not power hungry, reserved
  • Not ambitious, remains a spectator, not tenacious

※‘List of strengths and weaknesses by blood type’ from “Blood Type Essence,” Masahiko Nomi, Sankei Publishing

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