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Thank you for your interest in my book. I am Hajime Yamagami, the author of this book. The thesis of this book is that an individual’s personality depends on the individual’s blood type. I believe that the relationship between personality and blood type has an influence on various issues in society including bullying, harassment and wars.

When people have a specific goal, three ABO blood type system factors cooperate with each other, utilizing their respective strengths. However, once the goal is reached, the three groups start battling and attacking each other’s weaknesses. This has led to an interspecific selection in which blood type O people are selected. Rare examples of this are Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians who are mostly blood type O. 
In my opinion bullying is a natural behavior of living organisms. All living creatures on the earth are forced to participate in a struggle for survival. People expelled wolves and harmful microorganisms. The Japanese concluded a peace treaty with the “western brutes” after World War II. When people do not have enemies anymore, they target their friends. We are now observing a significant change which occurs in ten thousand years. The era of “intraspecific selection” led by blood type B people is now shifting to the era of “interspecific selection” led by blood type O people.

As mentioned on p.85, I believe we need to investigate the blood types of bullying children and bullied children. As shown in the table, personality differs depending on blood type. Finding out the ratio of each blood type among bullying children and bullied children will significantly help solve the bullying problem among children. I also believe that harassment and even wars are occurring because the era of “intraspecific selection” is shifting to the era of “interspecific selection. 

How should we conduct research on blood types and personalities? An investigation targeting just several dozen people may be helpful. The investigation should target not only bullying children and bullied children, but also scammers and their victims, those who betray their partners and those who are betrayed, perpetrators and victims of crime or traffic accidents and so on. If you do not believe in Blood Type Humanics, the idea may sound nonsensical, but if you do Blood Type Humanics is a powerful tool to understand the present time. 

Today, the idea that there is no relationship between blood type and personality is widely accepted. This is the position taken even in Wikipedia. Still, I believe that there is a relationship. 

Blood Type Humanics is generally considered to be nonsense just like fortune-telling, but academic institutions all over the world should study Blood Type Humanics using the methodology of natural sciences. Since Blood Type Humanics is related to the struggle for survival of gene types, sociobiologists should be involved in the study as well as psychologists and psychiatrists. 

Everything in this world changes with time. Even the universe, which was once believed to be in an eternal steady state, keeps changing so it is natural that human society is changing. Human beings, having expelled all natural enemies, are now on the path of a major transition. 

All living organisms in the universe follow the path of natural selection. This means all intelligent life in the universe cannot avoid the above mentioned major change. As with human beings, other intelligent life in the universe prospers when natural enemies are vanquished. 

When the Copernican theory was accepted, astronomy largely advanced. When the theory of natural selection was accepted, biology largely advanced. When Blood Type Humanics is accepted, psychology will largely advance. 

There are many blood grouping methods including the ABO system, the Rh system and the MN system. When the relationship between all blood grouping systems and personalities is clarified, we may be able to solve problems in our society such as bullying, crime and wars. 
Message to psychologists:
To prove that something does not exist is very difficult as it requires limitless evidence. Masahiko Nomi, a leader in the Blood Type Humanics world, published more than ten books presenting various data. It is a large amount of data but it is not unlimited data, so if more researchers are involved in the study of Blood Type Humanics, it will be possible to examine all data. We may be able to gain fairly accurate results from the examination. 

Glycoscience Department, Faculty of Science
The following explanation appears on Wikipedia’s ABO blood group system page:
“Blood type A individuals’ genes encode type A transferase, which converts H antigen, a precursor to each of the ABO blood group antigens, into A antigen by adding N-acetylgalactosamine while blood type B genes encode type B transferase which converts H antigen into B antigen by adding galactose. Since blood type AB individuals have both A and B genes, A and B antigens are created. However, blood type O genes cannot convert H antigen into A or B antigen, so blood type O keeps H antigen. 

Since these antigens were first discovered in blood, the name of ABO blood group antigens are now used. However, not only in blood, antigens are found in all kinds of body fluids such as saliva and semen.” 

The H antigen in the above explanation is glycan. This is a topic in the wide and deep biochemistry world. This area is way too far from psychology in the social sciences and humanities area. If people, one kind of creatures, have different personalities depending on the blood type, the blood type probably has various influence on people’s mind. 

When the authenticity of Blood Type Humanics is proved, the Blood Type Humanics will be a useful tool in almost all human activities including politics and economics, sports and art. In order to gain an even deeper understanding of Blood Type Humanics, studies using both psychological and biochemical approaches are indispensable.

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