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Dear Psychologists

Nearly a half-century has passed since Masahiko Nomi began to publish the “Blood Type Humanics” series, which explores the relationship between human blood types and personality traits.

Currently, research on the relationship between blood types and personality traits is showing no progress because of you psychologists’ rejection of Nomi’s research results.

You’ve given reasons for your rejection, including that Mr. Nomi didn’t employ the theoretical methods of psychology in collecting data.

It’s impossible to prove “non-existence”, because it requires an infinite number of proofs. Therefore, Mr. Nomi’s assertions haven’t been disproved. We’re here today without clear poof for the existence or non-existence of a relationship between human blood types and personality traits.

However, about 70% of ordinary people seem to feel that there’s a certain relationship between blood type and personality. If blood type and personality really do have some relationship, then recognition of such would be extremely influential. That recognition would affect almost every sphere of human activity: politics and economics, sports, art, and more. The list is never-ending.

Proving the non-existence of what Mr. Nomi asserted is extremely difficult; however, it’s clear that the mainstream thinker in the field of "blood type humanics" is Mr. Nomi. He’s presented various data in his nearly 20 books. His books are many, but not unlimited.

If many scholars were to cooperate in clarifying his ideas and data, we could retest his interpretation of the data. I believe that research by many scholars will lead to some degree of certainty. I think that the social role of the psychologist is to study the human mind.

Bullying, harassment, and war are products of the human mind. If blood type and personality have a relationship, then research on blood type humanics would greatly contribute to human happiness. Bullying, criminal acts, and war could become things of the past. Blood type personality studies should not be left ambiguous.

I sincerely hope that you psychologists will retest the data collected by Mr. Nomi using whatever methods you consider valid. You’re responsible for pursuing blood type and personality studies because it’s you who’ve denied the relationship between blood type and human personality.

Hajime Yamagami

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