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History is made by "blood type"


Other, if the Meiji Restoration leader, Takamori Saigo, was not B, would there really have been the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance? If Nobunaga Oda was not B type, would it not be killed by the Honno-ji Incident? ……etc. An interesting essay "for type B, for type B" that emerged from the blood type and behavior of celebrities.

More light for type B!


  • Hates restrictions, does things at his/her own pace
  • Selfish, acts based on biased idea
  • Unconventional behavior
  • Rude, overbearing
  • Bashful, cannot be honest
  • Unfriendly
  • Frank
  • Rude, arrogant
  • Does things at his/her own pace
  • Shameless, insensitive, slow on the uptake
  • Does not mind tradition or rules
  • Lacks common sense, disturbs order, presumptuous
  • Emotional
  • Hot-tempered
"B-type temperament" that is often said. However, it is this “big shot” that leads the times and creates history.
More light for type B!

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Blood Type B Is Vanishing
Blood Type B Is Vanishing

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